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Our Core DNA

1. We’re here to influence change.
2. What’s said in the tribe stays in tribe (no repercussions for speaking your mind).
3. But the ideas we generate are meant to be spread.
4. We’re here to learn, not to judge.
5. There is no glass ceiling. Anyone can bring an idea to make our interactions more meaningful.
6. We are thrilled to be a part of this industry.
7. We are not your grandfather’s builders.
8. We’re about balanced tangible results.
9. We are passionate about impacting tomorrow.


We are a creative community that wants to challenge status quo thinking in residential development. We believe there’s always a better, smarter, more elegant and sustainable way of doing things. And we want to find that way—for our communities, for our organizations, and for ourselves.

The Idea District is a tribe comprised of veterans and up-and-comers—a mashup of emergent thinking and hard-earned wisdom—united by a desire for disruptive, productive change. And, you know, there’s something magical about the collision of ideas from different walks of life (and stages of career). As the author Julian Barnes once wrote, “Perhaps the world progresses not by maturing, but by being in a permanent state of adolescence, of thrilled discovery.”

Our gatherings are designed to create an open, relaxed space for the engagement of ideas.

We’re not big on seminars. We love to hear provocative ideas from passionate speakers, but we favor short, lively, interactive talks. Preferably fueled by an adult beverage or three.

We invite an eclectic mix of perspectives, because we believe the best insights usually come from the most unexpected sources.

And we call B.S. when we see (or hear, or smell) it.

We do all this because the built environment matters too much to settle for the status quo. The Idea District is fostering meaningful connections and access to wisdom that will shape the next phase of this influential industry. By coming together we can learn from the past so that we might create a wiser, more sustainable future.


Many thanks to Brian Hanlon of California YIMBY for leading a terrific discussion on the need for more housing in our state. Old Soul Coffee in Sacramento served as the setting for what was another fun-filled and insightful Idea District. Click here. for pictures. Also, watch this space for updates on the next Idea District.






We want it all, but can we get it? And what is it?

The last IDEA District focused on how attainable housing is in Sacramento and whether we’re building what people want. We clearly are not producing enough housing in our market. So, what are some of the barriers and more importantly the solutions? Kacey Lizon, Planning Manager with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments; Kevin Dumler, a Staff Engineer with the Cunningham Engineering and one of the founders of House Sacramento; and Nikky Mohanna, local real estate developer and principal at Mohanna Development Company, outlined their perspectives on the region’s housing challenges. As always, it was a spirited discussion!

Click here for more photos.


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